From Cyber Intelligence to Crypto Recovery: Uncovering Stolen Assets

In this riveting episode of Inside Crypto, we sit down with Bezalel E. Raviv, the CEO of Lionsgate Network. Lionsgate is a leading blockchain intelligence firm that has made a name for itself by tracking and recovering crypto assets stolen in hacks and scams. With an impressive $450 million recovered to date, Lionsgate is not just helping individual victims but also assisting governments worldwide in their fight against terror financing. Our conversation takes a deep dive into the importance of community in the crypto space, focusing on the vibrant community surrounding Kaspa. Bezalel emphasizes that people invest in people, not technology, and this belief is at the heart of Lionsgate’s approach. We discuss the exciting new partnership between Lionsgate and Kaspa, which offers every member of the Kaspa community a free case analysis and the opportunity to fund recovery processes using the Kaspa token. This innovative solution addresses an inherent problem in the crypto space, marking a full-circle moment for the industry. Bezalel also gives us an inside look at how Lionsgate operates, from the initial client consultation to the final stages of asset recovery. He explains the three key components of their approach: blockchain analysis, cyber intelligence, and AML fraud. Each plays a crucial role in tracking down stolen assets and bringing the perpetrators to justice. Tune in to learn more about the fascinating world of crypto asset recovery and how Lionsgate makes a difference one case at a time. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of community, trust, and technology in the crypto space.

If you’ve been affected by a crypto scam, you are entitled to a case evaluation.

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