Discussing Crypto Scam Recovery with Lionsgate Network Co-Founder and CEO Bezalel Eithan Raviv


Bezalel Eithan Raviv, a former member of the prestigious IDF Cyber Unit 8200, brings a wealth of expertise in the realms of technology and innovation. Leveraging his experience, he established the Lionsgate Network, a digital platform that specializes in providing professional money recovery services for investors navigating the uncertain financial landscape of digital currencies.

What’s the company’s vision?

Our primary objective is to streamline the crypto landscape, ensuring enhanced security for all members of the crypto community, both existing and prospective adopters who’ve remained on the sidelines. Their cautious approach is understandable. Upon achieving a modest 5% of our mission target, we anticipate a corresponding 5% influx of fiat currency into the crypto realm, translating to an impressive $3.6 trillion USD injection.

What’s one example of a case you’ve dealt with?

A woman named Chen Wei contacted our client through Twitter, claiming to be involved in private crypto investment and asserting that she is doing very well. The client, who is unfamiliar with the new follower, mentioned she is from a wealthy Singapore family and now enjoying life in NYC. A total of $200,000 USD was transferred in less than 2 months via Crypto.com to a stinger crypto wallet. The client attempted to withdraw funds from the dummy platform he was given access to but faced difficulties. Initially, a small amount was withdrawn to build trust, he recalls. The stinger supposedly invested in a partnership with the client to build more trust. The stinger shared her passport and legal documents when our client seemed hesitant. She kept sending beautiful personal photos of herself with her pets, etc. Stinger even shared her face in a short video for less than 5 seconds, apologizing afterward because her ex surprised her at home (they share custody of the pets). When the client wouldn’t play along, she stopped communication. The client sought help from the FBI, who estimated a 6-8 week response time—a significant delay in the fast-paced crypto environment.

Upon discovering  Lionsgate Network online, the client felt secure reaching out to the company for professional advice. Lionsgate Network comprises three departments: blockchain analysis, cyber intelligence, and AML/fraud. With the highest success rate in recovering crypto scams totaling 53.5 billion USD annually, the company conducts comprehensive blockchain analyses for each case. These analyses reveal transaction patterns and provide transparent indications of the likelihood of recovery.

Lionsgate’s analysis revealed that the client’s funds ended up in an account with over 10 million USD, indicating organized crime. The tracing depicted the embezzlers’ attempts to disguise their traces, but these efforts proved futile.

Why just tracing crypto isn’t enough when you need to recover funds?

At Lionsgate Network, we’ve established three key departments to enhance financial security and combat illicit activities effectively.

Firstly, our Blockchain Analysis team specializes in providing real-time insights into fund movements across various blockchains. Their expertise enables us to track and monitor transactions efficiently.

Secondly, our Cyber Intelligence department focuses on identifying the individuals or groups behind illicit operations. Through advanced techniques, they gather intelligence to better understand and mitigate threats.

Lastly, our AML/Fraud Teams work globally, collaborating with law enforcement and regulators to freeze illicit assets and facilitate their recovery for our clients. Their efforts ensure that perpetrators are held accountable and assets are returned to their rightful owners.

Together, these departments form a robust framework aimed at safeguarding our clients’ interests and maintaining the integrity of financial transactions worldwide. So just locating where you crypto is, isn’t enough. You have to combine all the efforts to bring a case into a successful recovery cycle.

Where do you think the crypto community will be in 2025?

Trust is paramount—it’s at the heart of our ethos. Where trust flourishes, growth follows; where it falters, so does progress. Our mission is to cultivate trust in decentralized currency as one of the premier alternatives, spearheading a path toward a transparent financial ecosystem. We aim to empower individuals seeking financial liberation, guiding them towards a future unbound by traditional constraints.

What’s the total amount of crypto lost?

The numbers are indeed alarming. In the US alone, over 53 billion USD is being funneled from law-abiding citizens to crypto crooks, based on what people report to law enforcement. However, the actual percentage of people who report such incidents is uncertain. It could be around 20% to 25%, while the rest may already anticipate judgment for their naivety or, worse, being mocked because crypto is sometimes not considered real money.

For instance,  Mt. Gox hack lost the crypto community, more than 850,000 bitcoins. Today, that amounts to a staggering $48.45 billion USD. It’s an enormous sum, indeed, and it’s far bigger than the actual reported numbers out there.

Who is being targeted? Young people or the elderly?

Both. Scammers target everyone using alternative cloaking techniques that enable them to reach out freely to users, even on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, with zero interruption and zero accountability from the billion-dollar companies. While a younger audience may react better to a ‘Make Money’ campaign, older people are looking to stay in the loop and be a part of progress.

Users believe their social environments are safe, but if my mom were using Facebook, for instance, I would sit down with her for a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes explaining that wolves can dress as sheep. The social space is extremely vulnerable at the moment, and she would be best off closing the account, as it will be nearly impossible for her to decipher between what’s real and fake with all the AI tricks out there.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to trade crypto?

Before you dive in, take a moment to pause. Make sure you’re not stepping into murky waters with fake platforms that look really good but have zero infrastructure behind, also avoid investing in worthless tokens with no product, team or real community. But hey, if you’ve done your homework, you’re on the right track. Good luck!

If you’ve been affected by a crypto scam, you are entitled to a case evaluation.

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