133: Recovering Lost Crypto with Expert Insights from Bezalel the founder of Lionsgate network

Dive into a compelling episode of the Web3 with Sam Kamani podcast featuring Bezalel, founder of Lionsgate Network. Discover the crucial work of Lionsgate Network in helping individuals recover their lost funds in the volatile crypto space. From tackling romance scams to fraudulent trading platforms, Bezalel shares invaluable advice on securing your digital assets against sophisticated scams. This episode is a must-listen for anyone navigating the crypto world, offering a beacon of hope for those affected by scams and emphasizing the power of education and vigilance in safeguarding your investments.


[00:01:07] Introduction to Bezalel and Lionsgate Network’s mission.

[00:02:15] How Lionsgate Network utilizes blockchain analysis and cyber intelligence to trace and recover stolen crypto.

[00:07:08] The challenges and complexities of recovering lost funds through law enforcement and legal channels.

[00:13:46] Insight into the pervasiveness of Forex and romance scams in the crypto space.

[00:17:10] Strategies for individuals to protect themselves from becoming victims of crypto scams.

[00:24:40] Bezalel’s vision for the future of Lionsgate Network and the increasing involvement of elderly investors in crypto.

[00:27:26] Trends in the crypto and blockchain space, highlighting the need for community education and support.


Nothing mentioned in this podcast is investment advice. Please do your own research.

If you’ve been affected by a crypto scam, you are entitled to a case evaluation.

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